Meta Adelphine Homfeld
• Albert Homfeld (1774-1827)
• Diedrich Homfeld (1804-1856)
Meta Adelphine Homfeld (1883-1960)
Meta in about 1918

Meta Adelphine Homfeld was born January 13, 1883 in Valparaiso, Indiana, the second child of Henry and Caroline Homfeld.  Meta may have been named after her father’s mother Meta (Apmann).

After finishing school, she assisted numerous people with housekeeping or the care of young children.

She also worked ten years in the office of her doctor.

In 1912 she had the opportunity to go to Colorado to see her “Aunt Minnie” and John Mohnsson, and stayed for over two years.

After her father’s death in 1918, she lived with her mother in the Valparaiso home, which was ultimately deeded to her by her siblings.

Around 1939, she went to Chicago for ten years, living first with the family of her sister Tillie’s daughter Carolyn Challman.

She returned to Valparaiso to help Tillie’s daughter Laura after her marriage, and later cared for children at Lake Eliza. 

Eventually she bought a house on College Ave. near the university in Valparaiso, where she and Minnie rented flats to college students.

In her later years she, along with her brother Herman, contributed greatly to Max Homfeld's The Homfeld Family of Parter County.

Meta never married and died on October 20, 1960.