Henry Homfeld
Children of Fred & Irene Homfeld
Herman Heinrich (Henry) Homfeld was born on September 25, 1850 in Schwarme, Germany and married Caroline Johanna Jaescke (born August 8,1860 in Bergen, Rugen, Germany) on December 4, 1880 in Valparaiso, Indiana.
Henry began his naturalization process on October 11, 1880 - about two months before his marriage - and finally became a United States citizen on June 4, 1892.
There is a wealth of information on Henry and Carolina on this site - especially in the Documents and Publications sections.
Henry died June 1, 1918 - Caroline on February 11, 1936. Henry and Carolina had six children:
   Matilda Johanna (Tillie) Homfeld
    b: 1-27-1881 in Valparaiso, IN
    m: 5-1-1907 in Hebron, IN
    d: 11-8-1942 in Valparaiso, IN
   John Hamann
    b: 2-2-1869 Nutteln, Holstein, Germany
    d: 7-11-1942 in Porter County, IN

   Meta Adelphone Homfeld
    b: 1-13, 1883 in Valparaiso, IN
    d: 10-20-1960 in Valparaiso, IN
   Herman Conrad Homfeld
    b: 8-24-1888 in Porter County, IN
    m: 10-21-1910 in Valparaiso, IN
    d: 8-15-1959 in Porter County, IN
   Emma Elisabeth Vorothea Mohnssen
    b: 8-26-1887 in Valparaiso, IN
    d: 1-24-1958 in Porter County, IN
   Wilamina Regina (Minnie) Homfeld
    b: 8-8-1893 in Porter County, IN
    m: 8-21-1918 in Newton County, IN
    d: 11-12-1972 in Valparaiso, IN
   Roy Elmer Cooper
    b: 6-1889 in KY
    d: 1-24-1958 in Porter County, IN
    v: 1937
   Friedrich Wilhelm (Fred) Homfeld
    b: 10-18-1896 in Porter County, IN
    m: 3-12-1919 in Hebron, IN
    d: 3-8-1969 in Lake County, IN
   Mamie Irene Black
    b: 9-6-1892 in Lake County, IN
    d: 11-16-1995 Newton County, IN
   Albert Edward (Ab) Homfeld
    b: 11-27-1898 in Porter County, IN
    m: 6-30-1919 in Porter County, IN
    d: 3-23-1943 in Porter County, IN
   Nina Kathleen Foltz
    b: 9-30-1898 in Porter County, IN
    d: 1-1-1975 in Highland Park, MI