Albert Edward Homfeld
• Albert Homfeld (1774-1827)
• Diedrich Homfeld (1804-1856)
• Albert Edward Homfeld (1898-1943)
Albert in about 1918

Albert Edward Homfeld (known as Ab), the youngest of Henry’s children was born on November 27, 1898. Albert’s education went through the eighth grade – at the time a normal education for a young man in the Porter County farming community (although he took additional agricultural classes at Purdue in later years). It can be assumed that Albert worked on his Father’s farm after completing the eighth grade. Albert, his brother Herman and Herman’s wife Emma purchased a farm of about 120 acres adjacent to Henry’s "Alfalfa Knowles" farm on February 27, 1919.

On June 30, 1919 Albert married Nina Kathleen Foltz (born September 30, 1898). Kathleen as she was known, had completed high school through the twelfth grade and taken an additional year of schooling to enable her to teach school. She taught at two one room schools for a total of three years 1916-1919.

On May 29, 1921 Albert and Kathleen’s only child, son Max Franklin was born.

On February 27, 1924 Albert and Kathleen purchased Herman and Emma’s share of the farm. The farm eventually had about two dozen head of dairy cattle (a large herd for the time) and raised enough feed not only to feed the cows, but usually enough excess to sell a small portion. Chickens were also raised on the farm providing regular income from the chickens, their eggs and, of course, milk from the cows.

Albert died on March 23, 1943. Kathleen continued to live on the farm for about a year before she moved to Valparaiso and obtained work as an accountant/bookkeeper for the Indiana Steel Company (a maker of magnets). For the first two years following her move, the farm acreage was leased out, but the farm was eventually sold on May 31, 1945.

In 1961 Kathleen moved to Detroit, Michigan to be near her son and family. Kathleen died on January 1, 1975.